How Long Does It Take For Water To Freeze?

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Water takes between 1 and 2 hours to freeze in the freezer at 0 ℉. Factors like the amount of water and water temperature affect the freezing duration. If the water, that is to be freeze, is very cold then it would freeze faster. Hot water also freezes faster than cold water in certain conditions due to the Mpemba effect.

Freezing Duration and Water Temperature 

The freezing duration of water basically depends on the temperature of water that is to freeze. Cold water takes as much as 4 hours to completely freeze.

Hot water requires almost double the time of cold water because it will first cool down and then it will be cold enough to freeze. As the process of ice formation starts at 0 ℃, the hot water will have to reach that point first and then its molecules will hook together to form ice.

Water having room temperature takes around one hour or more time to freeze completely.

Mpemba effect

It is often described that very hot water can freeze faster than cold water under the same conditions because of the Mpemba effect. For example, if someone takes hot water and throws it in the air in extremely cold weather, it is observed that the water immediately freezes into water crystals.

Freezing Duration and Water Volume or Capacity

The capacity or volume or amount of water that is to be frozen also plays a big role in freezing duration. A cup of water takes only about 2 hours to freeze while a gallon of water takes about 8 to 10 hours to freeze.

A bottle of water takes about 2 hours to freeze, however, the freezing duration will vary greatly according to the shape and size of the bottle. 

A standard 16 ounce bottle will take around 90 minutes to freeze at a typical temperature of 0 ℉. While an 8 ounce bottle will take only about 30 minutes

So smaller the volume, less will be the freezing duration. 

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