Why Were The Pyramids Of Giza Built? – History of the Pyramids

The Great Pyramids of Giza were built to help Egyptian Pharaohs in their afterlife as it was believed in Egyptian culture that Pharaohs will become gods. For this particular purpose, Egyptians used to build enormous temples and pyramid tombs. They used to place all the essentials for Pharaohs such as; basic furniture, fruits, and water as well.

The oldest pyramid was built for Khufu (the second king of the 4th dynasty), the middle one was built for Khafre (the fourth king of the 4th dynasty), and the last pyramid of the three pyramids of Giza was built for Menkaure (the fifth king of the fourth dynasty).


The three Pyramids are situated on the West bank of the River Nile. They were built between 2330 to 2490 B.C. The structure of the pyramids is quite stable. Thanks to the large square base that helped the pyramids to stay stable even without any pillars.

How Old are the Pyramids of Giza?

The great pyramids are about 4500-5000 years old. This complex structure was built at times when there was no technology yet it is very accurate, it is believed that Egyptians may have used two bright stars (In the constellation of the Big Dipper and Little Dipper) to align the direction of the pyramids from north to south. The labourers used sleds to carry heavy blocks of stones and pulled them with the help of ropes on about 21% of steep slopes.

Who built the pyramids?

It is believed that local Egyptian labourers or maybe foreigners built these pyramids over the period of 19-20 years. It is reported that according to an estimate there were about 100,000 men who built them. However, it is also believed that only 20,000 labourers were there for the building of the pyramids.

View point to see the pyramids
View point to see the pyramids

What is inside the pyramids?

Inside the pyramids, there are chambers for both King and Queen, a long tunnel and vaults, a huge vacuum, and a grand gallery. There is also a modern opening gate. The monument was built with 2.3 million stone blocks, sufficient enough to build a wall around all of France.

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According to an estimate, it is also believed that there might be three thousand seven hundred chambers inside. Underneath the limestone bedrock of pyramids, there is an extensive system of caves and tunnels.

How big are the three pyramids of Giza?

According to the measurements, the great pyramid built for Khufu is 481.4 feet high, the middle pyramid built for Khafre is 471 feet high, and the third pyramid built for Menkaure is only 218 feet high.

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Close up image of the largest pyramid
Close up image of the largest pyramid

What is the inside temperature of the Pyramids?

Surprisingly, the inside temperature of pyramids always stays constant at 20 degrees Celsius (68 Fahrenheit), regardless of the temperature outside the pyramids. The remarkable pyramids contain air shafts (ventilators of modern times) particularly connected to King’s chambers, causing it to be at the average temperature of Earth.

What did the shape of pyramids represent?

It represents a stairway for Pharaohs to climb up to the sky and live forever. However, it is also believed that the shape of pyramids is a representation of the sun’s rays. Starting from the top and coming down to the bottom, the rays of the sun are descending.

Beautifully polished white limestone was used on the front side of the pyramids to give them an extraordinary shine that can be seen from a far distance.


How long did pyramids take to build?

It took 20 years to build the Great pyramids of Giza, says Greek historian Herodotus, additionally, there were about 100, 000 men who worked tirelessly to build these beautiful pyramids which are the only surviving structure out of the famed Seven Wonders of the World.

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Who is buried in the pyramids?

Since the pyramids were Royal tombs of Pharaohs, therefore, Khufu is buried in the oldest pyramid, Khafre is buried in the middle pyramid, and Menkaure is buried in the last pyramid of the three pyramids of Giza.

Why did Egyptians stop building pyramids?

There is no particular reason reported for why Egyptians stopped building pyramids, however, a few observations show that pyramids require a lot of space and restrictions to space may have played a role in the decline of building pyramids.

On the other hand, the new religious changes in Egypt might have played a role as well. Because building tombs underground was emphasised in the new kingdom of Egypt from 1550 to 1070 B.C.

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