Can Humans Survive On Mars – The Final Frontier for Human Survival

Yes, Humans can survive on Mars but only under certain conditions. For instance; it is necessary to wear a spacesuit to survive through the harsh weather of Mars. Scientists believe that beyond Earth, Mars is the only planet under the habitable zone.

Yet they are unsure if we are ready to fly to Mars or not due to lacking resources. For instance; the Martian atmosphere comparatively contains a smaller amount of oxygen (0.174%) than Earth which means we need to produce artificial oxygen.

It is much colder as it is further away from the Sun. Its temperature can cross -100 degrees at night. Mars has a fragile atmosphere. It does not have a global magnetic shield to protect us from harmful sun radiations.

There is no liquid water on Mars. The water inside the planet is stored in the form of ice. The surface gravity of Mars can be a real challenge for human life as it is just about one-third or 38% out of the 100% of Earth’s gravity.

Can we survive on mars?

Can we survive on mars

Humans can survive on Mars by utilising the resources available on the planet. By building habitats that are able to sustain human life, humans could potentially live off of Martian soil and water sources.

Additionally, technology such as greenhouses, hydroponics systems, and other methods of food production could be used to supplement any potential shortages in resources from Earth.

Finally, research into creating a breathable atmosphere for living quarters would be necessary in order for humans to stay alive long-term on Mars without relying solely upon supplies shipped from Earth.

Scientists are exploring ways to use photosynthesis-based systems such as algae or cyanobacteria in order to generate more sustainable sources of oxygen for long-term habitation on Mars

What would we need to survive on Mars?

What would we need to survive on Mars

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A spacesuit will be the priority if we need to survive or breathe on Mars. Other than that basic human needs such as; self-sustaining water, food and oxygen will be required to survive there.

It will be extremely hard to extract water from ice and even harvest crops up there in space. But scientists are working on that too. For instance; RASSOR (Regolith Advanced Surface Systems Operations Robot) designed and launched by NASA is a primary robot to mine water, fuel and ice from the Martian soil.

Scientists believe that they can grow food on Mars. The procedure will be done hydroponically, using artificial lights. Crops like tomatoes, mustard and cress are easy to grow on Martian soil by managing gases, water and growing substrates well.

How long can humans survive on Mars?

How long can humans survive on Mars

Humans can survive on Mars as long as the spacesuit is on and the food, water and other essentials are provided. The Martian atmosphere is so thin that if you remove your spacesuit and then try to breathe you’ll die in minutes. The low Martian atmospheric pressure will boil your blood, leading you to a painful death.

This is not it, it’s extremely cold temperatures (-100 degrees at night) will freeze you in seconds. But if you still plan to remove your spacesuit and breathe in pure Martian air then you’ll probably take 2 minutes to rupture your organs and skin.

Is there oxygen on Mars?

oxygen on Mars

Yes! There is a small amount of oxygen on Mars which is about 0.174% only which is not enough for humans to survive there. However, in 2021, NASA claimed that they have successfully produced six grams of oxygen on Mars through the perseverance rover.

A machine named MOXIE, fitted in NASA’s rover, magically converts the dusty martian air filled with CO2 into O2. It just sucks the air in, filters out the dust and compresses the gases up to 800-degree celsius. The heated gaseous air flows through the solid oxide electrolysis instrument which splits carbon dioxide into oxygen and carbon monoxide and exhausts other gases.

How will humans get to Mars?

Humans will get to mars through a habitat-like spacecraft (using a hybrid rocket stage powered by electrical propulsion and chemical). Scientists are working day and night to put humans on mars. NASA has planned to send humans to the red planet by 2030. The idea of flying to Mars was mainly proposed by NASA, Russia, Boeing and SpaceX.

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