New or Trusted? Comparing Assignment Writing Services and Chat GPT

Being in college is always a major challenge, filled with an endless lack of time and tons of tedious academic assignments. Handling it all on your own can be draining, especially if you are also engaged in sports, extracurriculars, or work. But now, there are at least two ways to make your daily life stress-free.

When needing academic support, you can turn to a trusted assignment writing service, such as essayservice review, praised by many students. Platforms like this are there to undertake your assignments and let you score A’s without a hassle.

On top of tha EssayService com, recently, students received another opportunity called GPT Chat. It is an AI-based tool that can also potentially solve your problems.

The only question is whether to choose time-tested and trusted assignment help or take a risk and try a new AI tool. Let’s figure this out together!

Why Use or Not Use GPT Chat?

GPT chat is an innovation by OpenAI released in Fall 2022. It’s a natural language model fueled by AI that can imitate human conversation and generate content.

Reasons to Use ChatGPT

Now that you know the answer to the question “What is Chat GPT?”, let’s look at its primary perks:

  1. Easy to get started. The chatbot is super intuitive. All you need is to formulate a clear prompt, and you can get started.
  2. Free use. For budget-conscious students, the bot is available free of charge, though there is an advanced, paid version too.
  3. Immediate help. Fueled by AI, the chatbot can generate large volumes of text in nearly no time.

Reasons Not to Use ChatGPT

Despite the aforementioned perks, AI also has a number of drawbacks:

  1. No original approach. Unlike a professional assignment writing service, ChatGPT can’t guarantee uniqueness or authenticity as it creates answers based on the data already available on the Internet.
  2. Lower quality. Being unable to demonstrate creative thought, consider a variety of factors, or use sources of information it doesn’t have access to, the chat can provide drastically poorer quality.
  3. Lack of soundness or cogency. AI is incapable of assessing the data critically or double-checking facts, which can result in a lack of validity and accuracy in your assignments.
  4. Limited possibilities. ChatGPT is still limited in its functionality. That is, it can’t answer certain prompts or cope with complicated tasks that require the human’s ability to research, analyze, and validate data.
  5. Possible detection. Because of the hostility to AI in writing, there already are tools like GPTZero that can quickly spot AI content in texts. So your teacher might easily figure out you used the chatbot in your assignments.
  6. Possible tech interruptions. The chat is vulnerable to different glitches and tech errors, which can affect the result.

Why Use or Not Use Assignment Writing Services?

Unlike ChatGPT, assignment writing help services aren’t an innovation. These are online platforms designed to help students take off the academic load and let qualified experts handle their assignments for them.

Reasons to Use Assignment Help

Being around nearly forever, assignment writing services boast a huge number of benefits for students:

  1. Personalized approach. Assignment help experts can take a personalized approach to every task and tailor the style, formatting, and other elements of the assignment to your specific needs.
  2. Anonymity. Using a trusted assignment writing service like EssayService, you can rest assured that your data is secured.
  3. Any type of service. There is nothing impossible for such platforms, from essays to dissertations and other tasks — all are available for you in one place.
  4. Proven experts. You get your assignments done by pros with college degrees and years of experience.
  5. Top quality. Assignment help experts can demonstrate in-depth knowledge of the subject and their unique vision of the topic.
  6. No plagiarism. With a reliable service provider, you can be confident in absolute originality.

Reasons Not to Use Assignment Help

Assignment help services also have a few minor cons:

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  1. Not instant results. Human experts need at least 6 hours to prepare a brilliant assignment for you.
  2. Revisions possibility. In certain cases, you might need additional revisions. But it’s great to have this opportunity.
  3. No fee-free option. A well-written assignment will cost you money, but you will get the best value for it.

Assignment Help and ChatGPT: Reputation Face-Off

Assignment help services have long earned a solid reputation. These services were designed for students and with their needs in mind. They possess large teams of experts and provide all kinds of academic help with one goal in mind – to make your life simpler. And that’s why students trust them.

The reputation of OpenAI chatbot is still shaky. While some people feel like it’s a breakthrough that has the potential to change the world, it’s still an innovation, which means that it didn’t earn our trust yet.

The bot is still limited in its functionality. For example, the character limit is 4096, which is something you won’t find in an assignment help service. Quality, personalization, and authenticity are also restricted.

On top of that, we have to admit that the educational industry didn’t welcome it warmly. Most teachers see the use of ChatGPT as cheating, and they are even ready to expel students for using it.

Our Final Say

Now you know everything about the two common solutions for your college matters.

AI writing is innovative. But this also means that it’s untested and unreliable. It might give you quick results, but there will be absolutely no guarantees behind these results.

A professional assignment writing service like EssayService, on the other hand, is a trusted solution. Such services stand for timeliness, customized approach, authenticity, and quality. They might not craft your assignment in no time. But they can bring you a guaranteed A+ thanks to the human expertise and creativity that lie at their core.

So should you pick new or trusted? We believe that the answer is obvious.


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