Could The Sun Become A Black Hole?

The transformation of the Sun into a black hole is one of the captivating concepts. However, due to the Sun’s relatively small mass, this conversion is impossible. Black holes are formed from massive stars, while our Sun’s destiny lies in becoming a white dwarf, by following a different path in its life cycle as it consumes its nuclear fuel.
This change follows the principles of stellar evolution, which dictate that stars with different masses take different routes in their life cycles.

Illustration of planets rotating a black hole
Illustration of planets rotating a black hole

Could the Sun become a black hole?

No, our Sun will not become a black hole. The Sun just isn’t massive enough to become a black hole. For the Sun to become a black hole, it generally needs to be at least 20 times more massive to end its life as a black hole. Instead, when the Sun gets older, in some 6 billion years it will end up as a white dwarf, which is a small, dense star. It will slowly cool down over billions of years but won’t become a black hole.

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What is a black hole and how does it form?

A black hole is a place in space where gravity is extremely strong, and pulls everything in, even light. They form when massive stars die. First, a huge star explodes in a supernova. Then, the star’s core collapses. If it’s big enough around 3 times our Sun’s mass, it keeps collapsing to form a black hole. In the center of a black hole is a point called a singularity with super-strong gravity, surrounded by an event horizon, a border where nothing can escape.

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Our sun converted into a black hole
Our sun converted into a black hole

What will happen if the Sun becomes a Black hole?

If the Sun turns into a black hole while keeping the same mass, the planets would still orbit it normally. The black hole’s gravity wouldn’t pull them in differently because gravity depends on mass, not appearance.

If the Sun becomes a Black hole, what would happen to Earth?

Earth’s orbit would remain largely unaffected if the Sun were to transform into a black hole without changing its mass. However, it would become cold and dark because a black hole emits no light or heat. Life on Earth would be unsustainable without the Sun’s warmth and light.

Artistic illustration of our earth facing a black hole
Artistic illustration of our earth facing a black hole

What is the fate of our Sun and why will it never become a black hole?

Our Sun’s fate is to become a white dwarf, not a black hole. As it ages, it will expand into a red giant and then shed its outer layers, leaving behind a small, dense white dwarf. It lacks the mass needed to become a black hole. Black holes are formed from massive stars, much larger than the Sun. So, while the Sun’s future involves a transformation into a white dwarf, the black hole scenario is not possible due to its insufficient mass.

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