What Would Happen If We Didn’t Have A Moon? Earth Without Moon

The disappearance of the moon would have a devastating impact on life on Earth. It is likely that human civilization will collapse without the moon. There are countless consequences which will occur due to moon disappearance, including darker nights, smaller tides, extreme weathers, heavy hurricanes and tornadoes. Moreover, there is a greater chance that the Earth will experience vulnerability to asteroids and comets alike.

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How would the Earth’s tides change?

As it is a well known fact that the moon is responsible for the Earth’s Tides, which means we should expect shorter tides without the moon, leaving a significant impact on coastal areas and marine life.

High tides in the ocean on a full moon night
High tides in the ocean on a full moon night

How would the Earth’s rotation change?

The rotational speed of the Earth will also get impacted because the gravitational pull of the moon helps the Earth to stabilize its rotation, which means that the Earth bears friction due to moon’s gravity, helping it to spin slowly and have 24 hour long days. And if this process gets disrupted, Earth will bear shorter days of about 6 to 12 hours only.

How would the Earth’s climate change?

Since moon helps the Earth to distribute the heat, therefore, without the moon, Earth’s climate will become extreme. Summers will be much hotter and Winters will be much colder leading to drastic changes in plants and animal’s life.

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climate change because of moon disappearance
Climate change because of moon disappearance

How would the Earth’s magnetic field change?

The Earth’s Magnetic Field will be much weaker without a moon because it plays a significant role in stabilizing the Earth’s magnetic field. And due to the weak magnetic field, the Earth will become more vulnerable to solar radiation and other space weather events.

How would the Earth’s atmosphere change?

Without a moon, our atmosphere will drastically change because it will be blown away from Solar Winds leading to a thinner atmosphere which will eventually make it difficult for humans to breathe.

Earth magnetic field that keeps us safe from radiation coming from the sun
Earth magnetic field that keeps us safe from radiation coming from the sun

How would life on Earth change?

Without the moon, it is possible that life on Earth would be very different as we know it today. The changes to the Earth’s climate, tides, and rotation would make it difficult for many plants and animals to survive.
Moreover, humans would also have to adapt to the changes. The moon has played a significant role in the evolution of life on Earth but its disappareance may cause our civilization to collapse.

What would happen if the moon disappeared for 5 seconds?

In case the moon disappeared just for 5 seconds, the Earth’s rotation and tilt would not be affected, and the Earth’s atmosphere and magnetic field would not be disrupted because the moon’s gravity is relatively weak (only about 1/6th of the Earth’s gravity).

However, if the moon disappeared for a longer period of time, the effects would be more visible. All of the above mentioned consequences, for instance; much smaller tides, speedy Earth’s rotation, extreme climate change, and weak Earth’s magnetic field, will appear.

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