What Is Inside The Black Hole – Is It Possible To Survive A Black Hole?

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Inside a Black Hole
Inside a Black Hole

What Is Inside The Black Hole?

  • The inside of a black hole is the darkest place, where even falling light can not escape.
  • Inside a black hole, there is a lot of crushed matter of dead stars. All the matter gets collected in one tiny place called “Singularity”.  
  • Black holes grow continuously by swallowing things such as; stars, asteroids, gas & dust particles passing by the event horizon.
  • The gravity inside a black hole is so strong that anything falling into it will never be able to escape out. Therefore, black holes are also known as “one-way spots”.    

Does Time And Space Exist In A Black Hole?

  • Black holes are none but empty spaces. All the collected matter settles down in the singularity making it an empty space again.
  • Time exists in black holes but it is so slow that the observer probably feels like time has stopped in a black hole. 
  • Hence anything passing by the event horizon will experience time dilation.    

What Happens If You Go Inside A Black Hole?

  • If you go inside a black hole, the intense gravity will immediately make you fall into the singularity. 
  • Right after falling into a black hole, you will face an unbearable pain in your stretched body.  
  • Due to the continuous force of stretching on different parts of your body, you will look like spaghetti. This process is known as spaghettification. 
  • After this painful process, you will finally rest in singularity (which is the last point of any black hole).    


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Is It Possible To Survive A Black Hole?

  • It completely depends on what type of black holes you are in. 
  • According to research, smaller black holes such as Stellar black holes won’t kill you so far, while supermassive black holes will immediately kill you.
  • But other research says that Stellar black holes will immediately take you to experience spaghettification (the process, where a man shapes like a spaghetti due to the unbearable stretching) as the point of singularity is closer in Stellar black holes.
  • While supermassive black holes will take time regarding the process of spaghettification, in this case, the point of singularity is a little far due to the massive size.

Is There Matter In A Black Hole?

  • Black holes mainly consist of matter, collected at one tiny point called singularity. 
  • The matter inside a black hole is primarily a collection of dead stars, gas or dust particles, cruising around the event horizon (edge or corner of a black hole).
  • The gravity of black holes is so strong that it keeps eating everything that passes by the edge of black holes. 
First Ever Picture of a Black Hole
First Ever Picture of a Black Hole

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